Terms and Conditions

Sing and Sign Sheffield - Terms and Conditions

Classes must be booked and paid for in advance for the full term. Other than in exceptional circumstances, we do not accept bookings for part of a term. I guarantee you your place in the class every week for that term. Term dates are on the Sheffield page of the Sing and Sign website.

How to Book a Place
Places are offered on a first come, first served basis. To secure a place in a class, please book and pay online.  Your place is only confirmed once payment has been made.

Data Protection / E-Mails
By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to receive appropriate e-mails from Sing and Sign during the time you are attending the classes.

I may e-mail you after this from time to time.  If you do not wish to receive these emails, please then opt out by asking to unsubscribe. I will not give out your contact details to anyone or any other body.

Payment card data is not held or processed by me - it is securely handled by Stripe payments.  I have no record of, nor access to your card details.

Health and Safety in the Class
Knowingly ill children and adults MUST NOT attend the classes.  You must leave 48 hours clear of symptoms if your baby has had an upset stomach (D&V), a cold/cough, conjunctivitis, impetigo (etc.).   Please notify Liz Harrison if your baby has an infection that requires quarantine, e.g. chickenpox, hand, foot and mouth, etc.

Please STRICTLY observe Government guidelines on infectious diseases such as coronavirus, flu, Ebola, etc.. If you have travelled to an affected country you are REQUIRED to observe the quarantine procedures without exception.

We welcome breastfeeding, bottle feeding and drinks at classes.

Finger foods are not allowed in the classroom - they are extremely distracting for all the children and liable to be swiped from your child by a curious baby.  We also ask you to bear in mind that there might be children and adults with serious allergies in your class.  In our experience, finger foods in class lead to distraction, mess and upset stomachs (babies/toddlers seem to love picking up and eating other children's discarded, spat out crumbs...) This applies to everyone, no matter how many terms of classes you have attended!

Refunds policy
If you withdraw from classes over 7 days before the term has started, I will refund you in full minus a £5 admin fee (to cover the card payment costs). I do greatly appreciate you giving me as much notice as possible please.  Whilst it might seem that this is a large business, it is actually just one person (with 2 employees) for whom this is their livelihoods!

If you withdraw from classes within 7 days of the start of term, I will refund you the full term (minus £5 admin fee as above and £15 for the online resources which you will continue to have) once I have been able to refill your place.

If you are new to Sing and Sign / have not had the opportunity to attend a taster and find that it's not your "cup of tea", then please notify me before the 3rd week of the classes.  In these circumstances I will refund you the rest of term minus £5 admin fee and £15 for the online resources which you can continue to use at home. If you leave classes after week 3, no refund will be made.

During the term, if your circumstances change and you find you are unable to attend further classes, I may offer some refund for remainder of the term but that is at my discretion as it's likely that I won't be able to refill your place.

If for any reason your usual teacher is unable to run the class (e.g. because of illness) then another Sing and Sign teacher will run the class. If for any reason this is impossible and a class has to be re-scheduled, I will add another class at half term or the end of term. If I am unable to reschedule the class then I will refund you for that class (£6.50).

Special Circumstances
In the extreme event of a disruption to class schedule due to the current concerns over coronavirus COVD-19, we wish to ensure your baby doesn't miss out. Consequently, we are working hard to build a 'Sing and Sign at Home' streamed class resource, so you can book your place on our Summer Term course in the knowledge that any unwelcome disruption to the schedule will not disadvantage and deprive your baby of their fun and their learning.  

As previously stated, parents are to STRICTLY observe Government guidelines on infectious diseases such as coronavirus, flu, Ebola, etc.. If you have travelled to an affected country you are required to observe the quarantine procedures without exception. Up to date information can be found here

In certain exceptional circumstances, Sing and Sign Sheffield may be prevented from running classes due to situations beyond their control. These may include (but are not limited to) snow, floods, venue inaccessibility, pandemic, public health enforcement or treacherous conditions which would pose a risk to our teachers and parents.  On these occasions Sing and Sign Sheffield will endeavour to offer a 'catch up' class at the end of the term but if this isn't possible, Sing and Sign Sheffield will not refund due to the exceptional nature of the circumstances.

Attending Classes - Change of Days
If you are unable to attend your booked class on a regular basis, it may be possible for you to visit a different class, or to transfer to a different class. However, please consult me before doing so. Sing and Sign has strict limits on the numbers allowed in classes.

Can I carry over money from missed classes to the next term?
Sorry, you can’t do this. There is a plenty of repetition from week to week as well as online handouts, so if you miss a week for any reason, you’ll soon be able to catch up, even if you can't attend a catch-up class (which you must arrange directly with Liz Harrison - please do not just turn up unannounced at a different class!).   Catch ups are not yours by right; they are on offer as a customer courtesy where there is available space to safely accomodate you.

Can I bring a friend and their baby to class as a trial?
Please do not bring friends along to a class unannounced. It may be possible to accommodate a friend and their baby if there are still spare places in the class, so please get in touch with Liz Harrison to check.

Can I bring another adult with me?
Your booking is for 1 adult as some of our class venues are quite small and can easily become uncomfortably overcrowded if everyone decides to bring a family member with them each week!  .  However, it is lovely when Granny comes to stay or the other parent has a day off for them to come along, but please ask BEFORE you bring family members with you. 

Older siblings
If your baby's sibling is 3 years or older, you may bring him/her to class if you discuss this directly with Liz Harrison in advance of the start of term. Your teacher will do her best to involve them in the class proceedings. However, please be mindful of the fact that the classes are aimed at the babies and not the older sibling and they must not be allowed to run about / dominate the class. They remain your responsibility at all times. Please do not bring a toddler aged 2 years old to a Stage 1 class, however, as disruption to the rest of the class is likely however well behaved they are!   (If you have a 2 year old and a baby, I'd recommend you book on the Stage 2 class for the toddler and bring the baby along, rather than the other way round).  There is no extra charge for bringing along one pre-school-aged sibling.  If you are home schooling and the sibling is 5 or older, there is a charge of £1 per week (please talk to Liz Harrison about this).

No older siblings are allowed at Babes classes as the babies are so tiny.

If you are regularly bringing someone else’s baby or are a child-minder bringing more than one child (who are not siblings) then you will have to pay IN FULL for each place.   A one-time visit is free.

Children’s Behaviour in Class
We hope your baby will enjoy the class and be thoroughly engaged with the teacher and the other children. We encourage babies to crawl or walkabout and interact, they are not forced to sit still. Problems of behaviour are very rare, but of course, they can happen occasionally. If a baby hits, bites, pushes or throws toys the parent should immediately remove their child from the class to avoid further disruption and in exceptional circumstances of continuing problems, we reserve the right to withdraw your place and offer a refund for the remainder of the term at the teacher's discretion.  Your teacher will always behave in a fair manner and will apply the same expectations to every child in the class.  We do understand how shocking and overwhelming it can feel when your own child behaves unexpectedly and we are all sympathetic to this; please understand though that we have an obligation to every family present to run classes at which everyone is relaxed and not worrying about the safety of their child.  All of our teachers are experienced mothers as well as good teachers - and therefore we will act firmly and decisively where necessary.  If we decide it is better to withdraw your place, that decision is final.

Complaints /Feedback/Compliments Procedure
I really hope that you will be delighted with your experience of Sing and Sign classes. I am absolutely committed to you finding that your class meets or exceeds your expectations and that you enjoy your classes enough to recommend Sing and Sign to all of your friends!

However, sometimes things might go wrong and we do want to hear about it. Please do get in touch if you have a complaint or concern (or compliment!). I will always do my best to resolve any problems as quickly as possible and to everyone’s satisfaction. If there is any aspect of the course/classes that you are unsure about, please don’t be too shy to ask!

Contact me:  Liz Harrison 07765 077451  liz@singandsignsheffield.co.uk