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Current Term16/01/2021Saturday BURBAGE COMMONBURBAGE COMMON, Hinckley, LE10 3DDForest School0900-1700 Katy Harris£0.00

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Our ‘Blossom Buddy’ Award has been designed to revolutionise educational practice and prepare a new generation of practitioners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to move from frequent indoor activities to incorporate regular inclusive outdoor play. By doing this in a natural environment we are able to provide child led learning, choices, risk assessment and socialisation opportunities.

It is our sincerely held belief that a true ‘Forest School’ can only be achieved when supported by all staff who have a basic understanding of its ethos AND regular on-site sessions run by a level three practitioner.

Training to become a ‘Blossom Buddy’ setting includes a certified course delivered on behalf of ITC and involves 25 hours of guided learning hours, completed during your training and by a portfolio of evidence developed by each candidate. It is a certified course, providing each learner with an ITC Level 1 Award in Forest School Ethos and Principles and awards the childcare setting as one of our recommended and supported ‘Blossom Buddy’ settings. 

Standard price £895.00 but if you qualify for the full funding with £700.00 towards this, it would only cost £195!

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