We Recommend

Stage 1
With your course comes Sing and Sign Online GOLD Membership: Everything you need to support signing with your baby at home! Over 200 signs to view in streamed video clips and to select and print your own sheets and interactive games in which your baby can ‘find’ our much-loved friend, Jessie Cat. Also includes the original award-winning classic teaching video ‘Sing and Sign’

Stage 2
With your course comes Sing and Sign Online premium Membership: All the benefits of GOLD membership plus … an additional hour of streamed Stage 2 and Christmas DVD content of over 100 signs filmed in class, in a pretty garden, a day in nursery and at the zoo – including bathtime, potty training, colours, Christmas fun and an introduction to the alphabet. We even jump with real rabbits in the garden! Full membership also includes ‘Jessie and Friends’ – an interactive game in which Jessie and 17 different animal friends play peek a boo! 

Sing and Sign Babes
The course includes online resources in the Jessie Cat Club membership.
You can also add, as an extra item, The Jessie Cat Songbook (audio CD included):  The delightfully illustrated book includes an audio CD. The CD ‘Beginner Babes’ encourages a unique and personal way to bond with your baby using our music, which your baby will enjoy well into toddler hood. We hope you love Jessie’s songbook for many years to come!

There are many other stock items such as Sing and Sign Jessie Cat lift the flap books, 2 sizes of Jessie Cat toys, CDs etc that you may want. These are available to buy in class, avoiding the p&p costs of £3.50 if you were to order from the website.