Sing and Sign

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Revised June 2022

By booking your place on a Sing & Sign class you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions (below).  You are also agreeing to read the pre-term information that I send to you, which gives you information about how to access the online resources / what to bring to class etc.  

We are hoping that social distancing / Covid-secure changes to classes / lockdowns will not be necessary now.  However, we can not guarantee this and we will always follow government guidelines as they stand at the time. 

Sing and Sign Babes

5-week term
  • 5-week face to face classes in a venue (or via Zoom if for any reason the venue-based class can not take place, e.g. teacher illness / inclement weather);
  • Babes membership of The Jessie Cat Club, giving you lots of online resources, video clips, music that can be streamed;
  • The Jessie Cat Songbook (illustrated nursery rhyme book) with accompanying CD;
  • If you are unable to attend your venue-based class (e.g. holiday / illness) you can usually attend a Zoom class run by one of my colleagues.  This will probably be at another time during the week.  (Please contact me to arrange this).
  • There are NO REFUNDS if a class can’t take place in a venue or you are unable to attend your class.
Stage 1 & Stage 2 

@Home Classes & Membership - £50
  • 10-week @Home course (weekly pre-recorded classes for your stage).  Each class is available to you from early Monday morning to Sunday evening.  Once the “week” is over, you CANNOT go back to see previous weeks.  There is more information in the pre-term e-mail that I send out, but please understand this as part of the terms of booking.

    ten minute preview of the @Home course can be viewed here.

  • Gold membership (or Premium upgrade for Stage 2) to The Jessie Cat Club (if you don’t already have it).  This lasts for a year from activation (a few days before your classes begin) so you can continue to use it during holidays / after you’ve finished your Sing & Sign journey with us.

@Home Classes, Membership & Weekly Venue-Based Classes - £80
  • All the above plus a weekly venue-based class - £80
  • If you are unable to attend your venue-based class (e.g. holiday / illness) or we have to cancel for any reason (e.g. teacher illness / inclement weather) please enjoy the @Home classes instead.
  • Rather than cancel a class, if your regular teacher can’t teach (e.g. illness) we will always, in the first instance, try and cover the class with another teacher.  Class cancellations are extremely rare.  If this is not possible, please enjoy the @Home class instead.
  • There are NO REFUNDS if a class can’t take place in a venue or you are unable to attend your class. 

In securing your space with payment you are reserving the course you have paid for. That space is not transferable to another venue or another person (so do not pass it on to a friend if you are away).  We remain committed to keeping our classes small and consistent.  If you are no longer able to attend your session I may be able to transfer you to a different class for the remainder of the term, so please contact me about it and I’ll do what I can.

Venue-Based Classes

Booking Classes

Classes must be booked and paid for in advance for the full term / the full number of weeks on offer. We do not accept bookings for part of a term. I guarantee your place in your venue-based class every week for that term.

Booking Multiple Spaces

If you have twins, one twin goes free! Please be sure to register them both under the same booking, so that you don’t pay twice, and select the “this booking is for twins” option, so that I can keep an eye on class numbers.  This assumes one adult attending.  At some venues it may be possible for two adults to attend, but please check with me before booking, as at some venues there wouldn’t be room.

If you have triplets, please contact me so we can discuss available spaces and cost.

If you are a child-minder bringing more than one child, then each child must be booked and paid for individually.

Older siblings may NOT attend Babes classes.  It may be possible to bring an older or younger sibling to your class but please check with me first.  If you are bringing a 3 year old with your baby to a Stage 1 class, for example, it MUST be on the understanding that the class is aimed at the babies and whilst your older child will be encouraged to join in (maybe bringing their own "Sing and Sign baby" in the form of a doll or teddy) they must not run about or be allowed to dominate the class.


What if I or my baby is ill? 

Should you or your baby become ill we ask that you do not attend your live class.  Your course fee includes access to our award-winning @HOME curriculum so you can still enjoy singing and signing at home including until you are better. 

Should you or your baby display any symptoms of Covid19 you must inform me immediately and isolate for the required period set by the Government at the time. 

We have a strict policy on the following illnesses: 

Sickness and Diarrhoea - you or your baby must be 48 hours clear before attending.

Hand, Foot and Mouth / Impetigo / Chicken Pox - please do not attend class if you think your baby has one of these highly contagious viruses and ensure all spots have cleared before attending again.

Conjunctivitis or Weepy Eyes - normally we would ask you not to attend classes.  However, if your baby is non-mobile it may be possible to come along.  Please contact me to talk about it before turning up.

Common Cold - If your baby has a runny nose but is well in him/herself then you are welcome to attend. If your baby is poorly and mucus is discoloured, we would ask you to enjoy Singing and Signing @HOME instead.

Cough - if you or your child develop a new continuous cough you must follow NHS guidelines on Covid19 symptoms, and we would ask you to please remain at home. 

Fever - If you or your child develop a fever you must follow NHS guidelines on Covid19 symptoms, and you must not come to the class, even if you believe the fever may be unrelated to Covid19.

The best rule of thumb for illness is to think “would I be comfortable with another child with the same symptoms sitting next to / interacting with my child”.  If the answer is “no”, then please do not attend.

Can I carry over money from missed classes to the next term? 

We do not accommodate accruement or rolling over of missed sessions.  Our courses include a cumulative learning aspect.  There is a lot of repetition from week to week and all families have access to the online resources relevant to your stage, so you can watch this it home if you are unable to attend.

Can I bring a friend with their baby or send a friend in my absence?

We do not permit tasters or drop-ins during our courses.  We keep our classes small and consistent so that you have a high-quality experience. 

Can I bring an additional family member to a venue-based class?

Your booking is for one adult and one child/twins.  If you have twins and would like another adult to come each week, please check with me as it MAY be possible, depending on venue-space.  If you would like to bring an addition family member as a one-off (e.g. Granny coming to stay) it's usually fine (and lovely to see them) but please check with me first, as some venues aren’t big enough, especially if more than one extra person attends unexceptionably.

Behaviour In Class

We hope your baby will enjoy the class and be thoroughly engaged with the teacher and enjoy the presence of other children. We are happy for your baby to crawl / toddle about as long as you’re happy that they are safe.  Please remember you are responsible for your child at all times.  We do not recommend that they put musical instruments / props in their mouths.

If a child is distressed for any reason and crying at length, we suggest stepping away from the teaching area until they have re-settled to avoid additional pressure on yourself and disruption to the wider class. Don't worry, we've all been there!

Behaviours such as pushing and biting are not acceptable in class as it needs to be a safe environment for all.  If your child displays these behaviours (as toddlers do on occasions) then you will be expected to intervene and if necessary give them some space outside the teaching area to give them the opportunity to calm down. In the extremely rare occasion that a child’s behaviour is persistently disruptive / aggressive, then we will have a chat and it may be that they have outgrown the classes and it’s time for them to move on.

Refunds Policy - please read carefully before proceeding to book

Please only book on the classes if your intention is to attend.  Very rarely, we have people who book early, knowing that classes fill quickly, to hedge their bets just in case they “fancy it” nearer the time, and then decide to do something else instead and ask for a refund at the last minute.  Please understand that Sing & Sign in Sheffield is a micro-business and it is not only unfair on me but also other parents who would have gladly booked the place.

However, I do appreciate that sometimes circumstances are beyond our control, so please be clear about our refunds policy, should you either not be able to attend or we have to cancel classes for any reason.

Sing and Sign Stages 1 & 2 - @Home Classes and a Weekly Venue-based Session

Please watch the ten minute preview as means of a taster of the @Home programme. Once you have been sent the code for the @Home programme (a few days before the start of term) it is non-refundable.

Please let me know asap if you are no longer able to attend your venue-based course.  Places are very limited and holding on to a place that you can't come to means that someone else may be missing out.  You will initially be offered an alternate day/venue.  If you are no longer able to attend a course at all, you can have a refund of £30 for the live aspect of your class and you will be swapped to the @Home Programme (cost £50).  If you do not want the @Home Only programme and want a full refund, as long as you let me know prior to the start of term, that is fine.  However, I will need to take £5 off the full refund to cover the costs incurred to me by the card payment company.

If you have been unable to attend a taster session, if you come to Week One and find that it just isn't your "cup of tea", you will be refunded £30 pro-rated and moved to the @Home course.  Please let me know immediately after the class as after Week One no refunds will be given, nor amendments made to bookings.

Sing & Sign Babes – Jessie Cat Club Membership, Songbook & weekly venue-based classes

After you have been given your Songbook, it is non-refundable (£9).

Please let me know asap if you are no longer able to attend your venue-based course.  Places are very limited and holding on to a place that you can't come to means that someone else may be missing out.  You will initially be offered an alternate day/venue.  Otherwise I will give you a full refund, minus £5 to cover the costs to me from the card company.  Babes membership to the Jessie Cat Club, with all the online Babes online resources, can not be obtained on it's own, so you will lose access to it.

Should Government guidelines change again, for example being told to socially distance from one another / not allowed to sing, we will update our approach to reflect them. If the Government imposes another lockdown / does not allow us to continue classes then Stage 1 & 2 will have the @Home course plus support Zooms.  Babes classes will run via Zoom.

 Complaints / Feedback / Compliments Procedure 

We really hope that you will be delighted with your experience of Sing and Sign classes. We are absolutely committed to you finding that your class meets or exceeds your expectations and that you enjoy your classes enough to recommend Sing and Sign to all your friends! 
However, we do acknowledge that sometimes things might not go to plan and in this event, we would like to hear about it. Please do get in touch if you have a complaint, feedback or compliment.  We will always do our best to resolve any issues as quickly as possible and to everyone's satisfaction. If there is any aspect of the course/classes that you are unsure about, please don't be too shy to ask! 

Photograph Consent

On occasion we may take photographs of our sessions for promotional use on our website and Facebook pages.  In the interest of safeguarding we never use names alongside photographs of children, but you will have an opportunity to opt out during the registration process. 

If you have any questions please ask BEFORE booking your place.  Hope to see you and your baby at a class soon!

Liz Harrison
Sing and Sign Sheffield