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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Revised 5th August 2020

These Terms and Conditions have been revised for a Covid19 Secure setting from Autumn Term 2020 and factor several Covid19 related possibilities including localised lockdowns, individual isolation, class lockdowns and national lockdowns. Please read carefully before booking as your booking is made with complete acceptance of these terms. 

As the situation is rapidly evolving these terms and conditions may change at short notice. We will send any updates as soon as we are able, and these will be in line with government guidelines. 

When booking there will be an option available to express interest in venue-based classes.  We are offering some classes in venues in the Autumn term, but this is very much dependent on location and government guidance.  If you indicate you wish to attend classes at a venue, should this become possible you will be offered the opportunity to book at pay for these as and when they are available. If possible, we would hope to offer a full 10-week course at a venue, but it may be that we can only offer ad hoc sessions to complement @home, only time will tell.  If you book and pay for venue-based classes, please be sure to read the section on refunds prior to booking.

Sing and Sign @Home is non-refundable. A ten-minute preview is available as means of a taster but once booked, the sale is final for the ten weeks of term. 

Table of Contents

Bookings Available for Autumn 2020
Sing and Sign Babes
5-week term –
  • live face to face classes in a venue - £55 (including the JC Songbook)
  • or via zoom - £40 (including the JC Songbook)
10-week term –
  • live face to face classes in a  venue - £95 (including the JC Songbook)
  • or via zoom - £65 (including the JC Songbook)

NB: If booking for venue-based classes and we subsequently need to revert to online only, a refund of £3 per class will be issued. You will be able to attend the zoom sessions in addition to venue based classes.

Stage One 
  • @Home with teacher support via WhatsApp group - £40
  • All the above plus any/all zooms on offer (and a gift of Gold membership) - £60
  • Above plus a weekly venue-based class – £110 (charged at £60 + £5 per venue-based session) expressions of interest only currently available if your baby is over 10 months
Stage Two
  • @Home with teacher support via WhatsApp group - £40
  • All the above plus any/all zoom sessions on offer and a gift of Gold/upgrade to membership- £60
  • Above plus a weekly venue-based class – £110 but expressions of interest only at the moment when booking for the @home plus zoom sessions

About venue-based classes:
Booking classes
Classes must be booked and paid for in advance for the full term / the full number of weeks on offer. We do not accept bookings for part of a term. I guarantee your place in the class every week for that term.
Places are offered on a first come, first served basis. To secure a place in a class, please book and pay online as soon as you are invited to

Booking Multiple Spaces
If you have twins, one twin goes free! Please be sure to register them both under the same booking, select ‘Twins’ as we must be fully aware of numbers at this time.
If you have triplets, please contact me so we can discuss available spaces and cost.
If you are a child-minder bringing more than one child, then each child must be booked and paid for individually.

May I swap venues? 
Please note that in securing your space with payment you are committing to and reserving the ten sessions you have paid for. That space is not transferable to another venue or another person.  We remain committed to keeping our classes small and consistent (as usual!) but for the limitation of infection transition, we are regrettably no longer able to accommodate venue swapping. If you are no longer able to attend your session you will continue the course with our @HOME curriculum, see Refunds section for detail. 

What if I or my baby is ill? 
Should you or your baby become ill we ask that you do not attend your live class.  Your course fee includes access to our Award Winning @HOME curriculum so you can still enjoy singing and signing at home including until you are better.  

Should you or your baby display any symptoms of Covid19 you must inform me, Kim Golson, immediately and isolate for the required period set by the Government at the time. 

Should you be contacted by Test and Trace you must isolate for the required period set by the Government at the time. 

In joining our venue-based programme, you give permission for me, Kim Golson, to share your details with NHS Test and Trace for the protection of others. We will remain GDPR compliant. 

We have a strict policy on the following illnesses: 

Sickness and Diarrhoea - you or your baby must be 48 hours clear before attending
Hand, Foot and Mouth / Impetigo - please do not attend class if you think your baby has one of these highly contagious viruses and ensure all spots have cleared before attending again.
Conjunctivitis or Weepy Eyes - we reserve the right to ask you to leave if your baby shows signs of a weepy eye or infection.  We understand GPs encourage normal activity, but we have a strict policy on infection transmission. If your baby's eye is red or glazed or weeping or crusty, you will be asked to leave so please stay home and enjoy Sing and Sign @Home instead.
Common Cold - if your baby has a runny nose but is well in him/herself then you are welcome to attend. If your baby is poorly and mucus is discoloured, we would ask you to enjoy Singing and Signing @HOME instead.
Cough - if you or your child develop a new continuous cough you must follow NHS guidelines on Covid19 symptoms, and we would ask you to please remain at home.
Fever - if you or your child develop a fever you must follow NHS guidelines on Covid19 symptoms, and you must not come to the class.  Even if you believe the fever may be unrelated to Covid19, you/your child must have a negative test outcome to be subsequently admitted to class.
Other symptoms associated with Covid19 – Government guidelines may include the need to self-isolate with symptoms not listed here.  New evidence and understanding are constantly emerging, and it is important that you follow Government Guidelines at any given time regardless of the inclusion, or not, of a specific symptom on this list.
Please STRICTLY observe Government guidelines on infectious diseases such as coronavirus, seasonal flu, Ebola, etc. If you have travelled to an affected country you are REQUIRED to observe the quarantine procedures without exception.  

Can I carry over money from missed classes to the next term? 
We do not accommodate accruement or rolling over of missed sessions.  Our courses include a cumulative learning aspect and we ask you to attend all dates from beginning to end.  There is a lot of repetition from week to week and all families now have access to our Award-Winning @HOME curriculum, you can watch this it home if you are unable to attend! 

Can I bring a friend with their baby or send a friend in my absence?
We do not permit tasters or drop-ins during our courses.  There is a fixed number of babies per class and attendees must remain consistent to limit potential spread of infection. Please speak to us about an alternative taster session instead or refer them to our booking system under Special Events.

Can I bring an additional family member to a venue-based class?
Due to Government restrictions on numbers attending we are unable to accommodate visiting family members at this time. Your booking will be for one adult and one child/twins.   We are not currently able to allow older siblings to attend. 

What if my baby begins to crawl?
We hope your baby will enjoy class and be thoroughly engaged with the teacher and enjoy the presence of other children. We usually encourage babies to crawl or walk about and interact with others but under current Government guidance your baby will be required to stay by your side at all times. If your baby begins to crawl during the course, you will be asked to scoop them up and return them to your side or pop on some reins to allow them limited freedom. Should Government guidelines change on this issue we will update our approach to reflect them. 

If a child is distressed for any reason and crying at length, we suggest stepping away from the teaching area until they have re-settled to avoid additional pressure on yourself and disruption to the wider class. Don't worry! We've all been there!

Refunds Policy - please read carefully before proceeding to book
Sing and Sign @Home and a Weekly Venue-based Session
The @Home aspect of your booking remains non-refundable.  Please watch the ten-minute preview as means of a taster. Once booked the sale of @Home is final for the ten weeks of term. 
We require 14 days’ notice prior to the start of term if you wish to cancel or amend your booking with a Live Class.  If you are no longer able to attend the course you booked, within the 14+ day limit, you will initially be offered an alternate day/venue.  If, within the notice period, you are no longer able to attend a course at all, you have the following options;
  • If the full charge of £110 has been paid, a refund of £50 for the live aspect of your class. Alternatively, the refund will be at a rate of £5 per class paid for.  You will be swapped to the @Home with Zooms (cost £60)
Week One is the final chance to amend your booking.  If you can no longer attend your class on the day you booked, you will be offered an alternate day of the week for the remainder of term. If you wish to drop out of the live class altogether, you will be refunded for the live class (£50 prorated) and moved to the @Home course. 

After Week One no refunds will be given, nor amendments made to bookings.

Special Circumstances around Covid19, Refunds and Adjustments
  • If you are unable to attend due to illness (including suspected Covid-19, or being asked to self-isolate by NHS Test & Trace) you can enjoy S&S@Home and recap zooms and will not be refunded for missed classes in your venue
  • If your class is cancelled due to local lockdown (or similar situation beyond our control) and up to 2 classes missed, then everyone watches S&S@Home instead and you can attend the recap zooms
  • If there is a longer lockdown or disruption to the course and 3 or more classes will be missed, full face to face classes over Zoom will be launched by your teacher or a member of the team.  We will make efforts to run this Zoom class on your usual class day, although in some circumstances this may not be possible, and flexibility might be needed.
  • If, after 2 weeks, we are unable to offer live classes over Zoom we will refund the cost of subsequent missed live class content (£5 per session) at the end of term or offer a discount on your future booking. 

Mitigating Adjustments to our Venue-Based Course Content
We at Sing and Sign are committed to taking every precaution to limit possible transmission of Covid19 through surface contact or aerosols.

We are committed to following Government Guidelines and recommendations on how to best do this. For this reason, mitigating adjustments are likely to change at short notice.  We will inform you of any changes as they arise.

We have completed full risk assessments drawing on Government Guidance on Early Years, Businesses, Community Users and Performing Arts.  Considering this guidance, we are putting the following key changes in place:
  • Each household must maintain distance from each other and the teacher. To make this possible, babies should be non-mobile at the time of booking. 
  • Hand sanitiser will be available for use in the classroom on entry, exit and during the class as necessary
  • There will be no drop ins/tasters, meaning small and consistent classes comprising of the same adults and children from week to week
  • Parents will be required to wear a face covering once inside the building and for the duration of the session
  • If guidance allows, the teacher will be permitted to sing but parents will be asked to mime along until restrictions are relaxed further. The teacher will keep distance and wear a visor for added mitigation.
  • Props will no longer be distributed or shared. We will inform you what to bring to class to ensure you and your baby can still join in and have fun.
  • Jessie Cat will not be shared around the babies but will still have a starring role in classes
  • At the end of the session you must leave without delay in order that cleaning can take place and there is no cross over between attendees of different classes
  • If you need to use nappy changing facilities please clean before use, lay your own changing mat on top of the station for your baby to lie on, after changing please wash your hands and clean the station again. All dirty nappies and used wipes must be placed in a nappy sack and taken away.
Cancelled Classes/Severe Weather/Public Health
If, in the rare circumstance, your usual teacher is unable to run the class (e.g. because of illness) then another Sing and Sign teacher will run the class if available. If for any reason this is not possible and a class has to be re-scheduled, we will add another class during half term or at the end of term.   Please keep these potential roll-over dates free.  Refunds will be not be made if you are unable to attend the roll-over date.  

In certain exceptional circumstances, Sing and Sign Lambeth and Wandsworth may be prevented from running classes due to situations beyond our control. These may include (but are not limited to) severe weather warnings including but not limited to snow/floods/high winds/ice, venue inaccessibility, pandemic, public health enforcement or treacherous conditions which would pose a risk to our teachers and parents.  In such rare instance, classes may be cancelled without reschedule and regrettably refunds will not be offered as deemed outside the control of the franchisee.  You will, of course, be able to enjoy Sing and Sign @Home.

 Complaints /Feedback/Compliments procedure 
We really hope that you will be delighted with your experience of Sing and Sign classes. We are absolutely committed to you finding that your class meets or exceeds your expectations and that you enjoy your classes enough to recommend Sing and Sign to all your friends!  

However, we do acknowledge that sometimes things might not go to plan and in this event, we would like to hear about it. Please do get in touch if you have a complaint, feedback or compliment.  We will always do our best to resolve any issues as quickly as possible and to everyone's satisfaction. If there is any aspect of the course/classes that you are unsure about, please don't be too shy to ask! 

Photograph Consent
On occasion we may take photographs of our sessions for promotional use on our website and Facebook pages.  In the interest of safeguarding we never use names alongside photographs of children, but you will have an opportunity to opt out during the registration process.    

Data Protection / emails
By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to receive emails, WhatsApp messages and Text Messages from Sing and Sign relating to your booking during the time you are attending the classes.
I may email you after this from time to time if you have opted in to receive communication. If you do not wish to receive these emails, please then opt out by asking to unsubscribe. I will not give out your contact details to anyone or any other body.
Payment card data is not held or processed by me - it is securely handled by Stripe payments.  I have no record of, nor access to your card details.

By booking venue-based classes you are agreeing that:
  • You aware of the risks and confirm you won’t come if you or your baby has any of the listed Covid signs.
  • You confirm you won’t come if you have been contacted by NHS Test and Trace and told to isolate
  • You accept your contact details will be passed on to NHS Test and Trace services, if needed We will always comply with GDPR
  • You must inform us if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of Covid-19 whether or not a test has yet been carried out.
  • You are agreeing to assume responsibility for overseeing the safety of your child in class, including abiding by social distancing rules, at all times
  • We will take advice from Public Health England or the relevant body if we learn anyone in our class contracts Covid-19 and take the appropriate measures immediately
For Health and Safety purposes we are required to inform you of the following:
  • Whilst we are making every effort to reduce risk of transmission of COVID-19 in our classes you understand and accept by booking a class that risks cannot be eliminated only mitigated and we assume no liability should you or your child contract the virus. 
  • Although we try our best to provide a safe environment, we do not assume liability for the health and safety of you or your family. 
  • We ask that snacks and food are not eaten during the session.  Aside from being a prime distraction to other children, we cannot risk food contaminating our space or kit which other children with allergies come into direct contact with.
  • Please be aware that we do not recommend allowing your child to put toys or instruments into his/her mouth as they may not be sterile. 
Kim Golson
07930 534 864