Katylou’s Music and Movement: Suitable for children from 3 months to 5 years 

Designed to build co-ordination, core strength and confidence entirely through play. 
With instruments, lycra, rainbow sticks, balloons, parachutes, bubbles and drums!
Dressing up with scarecrow and jester hats, bunny ears, pirate eye patches and animal costumes!

Sing  and  Sign: Suitable from birth to 2 ½ years

Recommended  by  Speech and Language Professionals.      
Recognised as Britain’s original baby signing classes.
With songs, rhymes and baby signs in a relaxed, fun and nurturing environment. 

Katylou’s Forest School: Suitable from birth to 100 years! 

Play, play and more play is our priority. Free range play, Child led play, Just play!
Whilst in the sessions, children will be encouraged to play, explore and attempt challenges.
Even if not successful at first... they can always try again... and again... and again, if they wish!

Four Senses: Suitable from birth to 2 years 

Our sensory room is a special, quiet space with a range of stimulating equipment.
During the first two years of life we learn through our sensory motor skills.
Our aim is to assist this process and help your child with their sensory development.